Goldenrod Restaurant Guide

Do you have an upcoming trip with Orlando Party Bus in Goldenrod? Are you looking for a wonderful restaurant around here where you can enjoy some tasty Tex-Mex and Mexican fare at affordable prices? Tijuana Flats is the spot for you. They have an awesome hot sauce bar here, so if you're a lover of all things spicy, you will have plenty of fun with that. Their famous atom bombs are back, so you'll want to stop in and try that blast from the past, and the chimichangas are always super delicious. No full bar, but beer and wine!

Tijuana Flats

(407) 673-2456

7608 University Blvd, Winter Park, FL 32792

Besuto Sushi Bar is one of our favorite places to get delicious sushi and Asian fusion fare in the Goldenrod vicinity. Orlando Party Bus customers seem to feel the same way, as they are always calling and adding it to their party bus itinerary! It's not too fancy here and the exterior doesn't even hint at the goodness that lies within. The tropical roll is our favorite thing on the menu, but all of the specialty rolls are absolutely delish. They've got a good beer and wine selection and they even have outdoor seating for those beautiful days!

Besuto Sushi Bar

(321) 316-4948

7581 University Blvd, Winter Park, FL 32792

The Thirsty Gator is a local sports bar that we think will be a perfect destination for you during your Orlando Party Bus trip in Goldenrod. An interesting tidbit about this one is that the owner is a former Gators football player, so you might want to try and chat him up about that if you have the chance! The food is really good here and so are the drinks. Affordably priced too! You will absolutely love digging into the fresh Southern oysters and rock shrimp. They have very generous hours here, from noon to 2am daily, except for Sundays when they close an hour earlier.

The Thirsty Gator

(407) 678-0148

3040 N Goldenrod Rd, Winter Park, FL 32792

Anna's Polish Restaurant is really a wonderful one, especially if you grew up with authentic Polish food and you love the real deal. The menu is really widely varied and enticing, not just sticking to the most famous Polish dishes, but delving into some more unique ones. Our favorite things here are the potato pancakes, the kielbasa, the pierogies, and the stuffed cabbage! The white borscht is also really tasty and satisfying for the soup lovers out there. Note that this one is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, but they have pretty generous hours all other days.

Anna's Polish Restaurant

(407) 678-0148

3040 N Goldenrod Rd, Winter Park, FL 32792

Yuki Hana is another one of our top choices for an excellent meal of sushi in the Goldenrod area. If you're headed out with a large Orlando Party Bus group around here, we really think you will enjoy this spot, we sure do. The sushi and sashimi combo for two is our favorite thing to indulge in here, and it is just incredible, both in terms of taste and quantity! Even the miso soup and house salads are just packed with flavor and irresistible. Very extensive menu of specialty rolls for you to enjoy with all of your party bus friends. Yuki Hana offers nothing but excellent service and amazing cuisine, you are sure to love it!

Yuki Hana

(407) 695-8808

3635 Aloma Ave, Oviedo, FL 32765

Final recommendation for our Orlando Party Bus customers in Goldenrod is The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co.! Who doesn't love this place? The coffee is super delish and the bagels are just the perfect thing to pair with that elixir of the gods. Everybody gets a kick out of the window where you can watch the employees (or shall we say artisans?) craft those yummy bagels! The black and white cookies are the true classic here, and the egg creams are really delicious too! The hours are extremely limited here, just from 6:00am to 3:00pm daily, so hit them up for breakfast and lunch only! Nice outdoor seating and free wi-fi as well!

Brooklyn Water Bagel Co.

(407) 681-4011

4026 N Goldenrod Rd, Winter Park, FL 32792