Holden Heights Restaurant Guide

By far, one of the coolest places to chill out and have a wonderful time in the Holden Heights area is Vanbarry's Public House. It's a very popular bar and local music venue, and it features both a beautiful long bar and a very enjoyable outdoor seating area. Being out there in the open air on the lake is just too pleasurable to even describe. As far as the food goes, the bacon jam burger is one of our fave things to enjoy, and the spinach mushroom flatbread is just amazing. We love the mason jar cocktails! Superb selection of drinks here.

Vanbarry's Public House

(407) 704-8881

4120 S Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32806

Have you had the pleasure of dining at Tijuana Flats yet? If not, you've got to check out this Mexican and Tex-Mex restaurant when you're out and about in Holden Heights with Orlando Party Bus! There's a ton of space here for your larger party bus groups and they really take good care of you too. Taco Tuesdays are prime time to come out and enjoy yourselves here, and the hot sauce bar is always an enticing place to hang out and find some spicy goodness. The live music on Friday nights is always a blast and you'll love the patio!

Tijuana Flats

(407) 859-6190

3154 S. Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32806

If an evening of French food sounds ideal for your Orlando Party Bus trip in Holden Heights, then the place for you to go is Le Coq Au Vin! The French dishes that are served here are just fantastic, and the desserts alone are a big enough reason to head out there and try some good stuff! The escargot is probably our favorite thing on the menu here, but if you don't have a weakness for that, you may want to try the souffle au fromage! Indulge in some foie gras or some baked brie... everything here is rich and packed with unforgettable flavor.

Le Coq Au Vin

(407) 851-6980

4800 S Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32806

Friendly Confines has such a wonderfully creative name, and the dining experience is equally unique and special. The front area of the establishment is more of a family friendly dining space, though there is a bar up there, and then toward the back you'll find the true bar experience that has a bit of a sports bar slash dive bar type of feel. They are known for their mouth watering hamburgers, their spicy and delicious chicken wings, and of course their crisp and flavorful salads! We love everything that they serve here, including the cocktails!

Friendly Confines

(407) 852-4800

4757 S Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32806

Taqueria Ameca Jalisco is a local Mexican haunt that you'll want to spend plenty of time at when you're in Holden Heights with Orlando Party Bus. The tacos are a go-to item of course, with chorizo or carnitas or pollo, but the sopes are really where it's at, if you ask us! If you've got a serious weakness for ceviche like we do, you'll fall head over heels in love with theirs. It's a bit divey here and we love that casual ambiance. Many of our Orlando Party Bus groups do too. There's not a full bar here, but they do feature beer and wine.

Taqueria Ameca Jalisco

(407) 851-1876

3558 S Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32806

Our last recommendation for the Holden Heights area is Cecil's Texas Style BBQ. So many of our Orlando Party Bus groups have commented that this is the best barbecue spot in the this area, and we definitely agree with that. The ribs and pork loin combo is the must-have here, and we're just obsessed with the sweet potato souffle and the garlic bread! They even offer free soft serve ice cream at the end of your meal, to provide a nice cooling treat after that spicy hot meal! The pulled pork sandwich on Texas toast is just amazing. We love it all!

Cecil's Texas Style BBQ

(407) 423-9871

2800 S Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32806