Lake Butler Restaurant Guide

Calling all barbecue lovers in the Lake Butler area of Florida! Sonny's BBQ has done nothing but impress! Orlando Party Bus customers request this as a destination on a regular basis and our crew is pretty obsessed with it too! If you're a lover of all things brisket, theirs is so melt-in-your-mouth good, and they also have really amazing ribs. Even the salads are super fresh and crisp and delicious here! The sweet tea is fantabulous and the service is always top notch, true southern hospitality at its very best! One of our top six for sure!

Sonny's BBQ

(904) 964-8840

230 South Temple Avenue, Starke, FL 32091

Laredo Mexican Restaurant is always good when you're after some tasty Mexican fare along with some ice cold beer. Absolutely enormous portions here, so you can get super full while not spending a fortune to do so. The burritos are truly legit here, with the steak ones being our favorite, but the chicken is mouth wateringly good too. There's even a full bar here, so if you'd like a margarita or some other cocktail that is the perfect complement to a spicy Mexican meal, you're more than welcome to order exactly what you want.

Laredo Mexican

(904) 966-2323

800 N Temple Ave, Starke, FL 32091

R&R Railhouse is a classic sports bar out here in Lake Butler, a very smart choice during your Orlando Party Bus travels with your good friends. This doubles as the town pool hall because they've got a ton of pool tables for your enjoyment, and they've got cornhole here too. If you like to get competitive on the regular, they've got tournaments for you to participate in. The beer and wine selection is top notch here, both sizable and well chosen. It's not a full bar, but it doesn't need to be. They have nice TVs here and outdoor seating too.

R&R Railhouse

(904) 368-0800

127 E Call St, Starke, FL 32091

The Downtown Grill is not only a very popular bar out here in the Lake Butler area, but it's also a fantastic spot to grab a delicious bite to eat. There's an enormous menu of drinks for you to browser, including a ton of specialty cocktails and martinis, shots, and even a nice little wine selection. The shotgun shrimp is a top recommendation here. If you have the opportunity to come in on a Friday night, that's when the live music is flowing and the vibes are just incredible. Outdoor seating, and even televisions inside for the sports watchers. Nice.

The Downtown Grill

(904) 964-9253

301 E Call St, Starke, FL 32091

There are always lots of Orlando Party Bus customers who are on the lookout for top notch steakhouses in the Lake Butler area, and the one that we'd "steer" you to first is Western Steer Family Steakhouse! The Southern food is absolutely outstanding! If you love pork chops and fried chicken, you'll definitely get your fill here, and the mac and cheese is just mind blowing. The iced tea is always great, transporting you magically to a country porch somewhere with that very first sip. Super cheap prices, super delish food!

Western Steer

(904) 964-8061

1100 S Walnut St, Starke, FL 32091

The prime burger joint in Lake Butler is Krystal. This is a simple and low key spot, no frills whatsoever, and we like it that way. It was one of the newer establishments around here, and they did face some growing pains during that time, but they have fully settled into their new role as a burger haven and all of the locals are really loving it. The generous hours are a major perk here, open from 5:00 AM to 12:00 midnight every single night of the week, even including Sundays. It's the perfect drunk and/or hangover food. It's not cash-only and they even have a drive-thru!


(904) 368-8151

582 N Temple Ave, Starke, FL 32091