Maitland Restaurant Guide

The Enzian Theater is an interesting place to get your fill of nightlife. That's because this establishment is half bar, half cinema! Whether you like independent films, cult classics or classic throwback movies, you're sure to enjoy what they're offering here at the Enzian. Locals love to come here after work or on the weekends to have a great time with their friends or significant other! This is a laid back, down to earth place to hang out on the weekend. You're sure to meet new people and have a fantastic time sampling all of the different cocktails at their bar.

Enzian Theater

(407) 629-1088

1300 S Orlando Ave, Maitland, FL 32751

Antonio's is an Italian deli in Maitland that's family owned and operated. It's been here for years, and locals will tell you that they've been eating here since they were children. There's a cafe on the first floor and a deli on the second floor, making this a great place to get a loaf of bread, or come for a high quality meal that you won't soon forget. With a casual ambience and a fresh selection of dishes, you're bound to enjoy this establishment. Be sure to try out their famous spaghetti and meatballs, as well as their 6 foot long party submarine sandwich.


(407) 645-1039

611 S Orlando Ave, Maitland, FL 32751

Eden Bar is a traditional American bar with food options that are sure to have you coming back for more. The Eden bar isn't just serving up innovative, fresh, and tasty cocktails, but they're also serving some food that commands your attention. With events that include a free outdoor movie on Wednesday nights, this is a great place to come when you want to have a great experience, not just great drinks and food. Be sure to try out their famous granny apple salad and Cuban sandwich. Everything here is cooked to perfection, though, so you're bound to have a positive eating experience here.

Eden Bar

(407) 629-1088

1300 S Orlando Ave, Maitland, FL 32751

Francesco's Ristorante Pizzeria is to go-to establishment for quality pizza pies in Maitland! All it takes is asking around to come to that conclusion, as everybody in the area loves the pizza at Francesco's. There's an open kitchen, so you can see the chef cooking, which makes for an interesting dining experience. They have a small lunch menu that has affordable pricing and large portions, so you can't go wrong with a visit here no matter what time of the day it might be! The servers are very friendly here, and the food is out of this world. Come on by today for lunch or dinner and enjoy a great experience!


(407) 960-5533

400 S Orlando Ave, Maitland, FL 32751

Athena Roasted Chicken & Deli is a family owned establishment that deserves a visit from you! Everything at this Greek deli is to be enjoyed. They offer some of the tastiest roasted chicken in the entire state of Florida, and we mean that! Whether you're an adventurous eater or you want to stick to what you know, you're bound to find something to appease your tastebuds here. You can't go wrong with the roasted chicken, dolmades plate, gyro sandwich, as well as the zesty feta spread. No matter what you decide to eat here, you're bound to find it fresh and delicious. Pay Athena a visit, as you certainly won't regret that decision once the food comes around!

Athena Roasted Chicken

(407) 539-0669

487 S Orlando Ave, Maitland, FL 32751

Nature's Table Cafe is a sandwich cafe located in Maitland. This restaurant is tucked away in a local office building, and it's a fitting place to get some fantastic food and drink. If you're looking to get a cheap lunch with large portion sizes, you'll want to come here. With vegetarian and vegan options, this healthy spot should be a must visit for those who are looking to slim down their waistline. The chicken salad sandwich is great, as well, for those who are carnivorous! Stop by Nature's Table to get a taste of what healthy eating is like, because as it turns out it is incredibly tasty despite what many people would have you believe. Nature's table cafe will make you feel right at home when you visit.

Nature’s Table Cafe

(407) 660-2006

1900 Summit Tower Blvd, Maitland, FL 32810