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Yes, weddings are about love and living happily ever after. But they are also about keepsakes and capturing memories for that most special of days. And by that we mean memories for the bride and groom of course but also for all of your special guests that are happily supporting you in this endeavor. What if we told you that we know about something that could not only provide keepsakes for everyone who comes to your wedding, but that this item would provide hours of fun and hilarity while it sits at your reception. Would you be interested in such an item? We thought you might. We are referring to a professional photo booth. Having a photo booth at wedding receptions is not only a growing trend, it is an additional entertainment option for your guests. Let's face it, not all of your guests will want to sashay out on the dance floor. This way, everyone who comes to your wedding can have some fun. And we guarantee you that everyone will have an absolute blast using it. They can be serious or fun loving as they choose how to have their picture taken. And this is also an opportunity to have additional memories captured at your big event. Keep in mind that there are numerous criterion that you will need to take into account when you start searching for perfect fit for your wedding. The Orlando area has a number of quality providers which bodes well for your future satisfaction. There is a very good chance that you have never had to search for an item like a photo booth so we have we have developed this guide that we believe will lead you to the quality photo booth providers in the Orlando area and it will also help you to target the perfect fit for your wedding entertainment.

Finding quality photo booth providers is your first big step. Without obtaining quality, you might as well cease looking right now. We highly recommend that you start your search by harnessing the power of the world wide web. Do a Google search for “photo booth providers in the Orlando area.” You should get back a list of potential photo booth providers. Start clicking on each link and evaluate the professionalism of each candidate. Look at the pictures of their units. If you have your heart set on a certain type of booth, this will help you narrow down the candidates. For instance, there are open air photo booths and there are photo booths that are enclosed. An open air booth normally has various backdrops and can provide green screen capabilities. While this is an entertaining option, bear in mind that an open air booth will take up a significant amount of space at your venue and there is limited privacy when the photos are taken. On the other hand, an enclosed booth will usually be a bit more traditional in terms of the backdrop options, but if privacy is a concern, it is probably the way to go. If you prefer one of these options over the other, you should be looking for a company that provides that format. Also, pay attention to the condition of the booths in the picture. Start keeping a list of potential providers that look like possibilities. We also suggest that you talk to people you know to see if you can get a first hand recommendation. Once you have a working list, contact each company and setup an interview.

Consider each meeting with a vendor to be a job interview. You need to get specific answers to your questions. Start by talking about their experience. Be wary of anyone who has just recently entered the industry. You need to know they have staying power and will be around when your wedding day rolls around. References are always in order so ask for some. Are they licensed and insured? This is a must to protect you and your guests. We cannot stress how important it is to talk about the equipment they use. It needs to be high quality professional grade. You want nothing less than high quality images and prints. You also need to make sure they provide a printer that will print very quickly so you do not frustrate your guests. Ask about the computer and the software they use. There should be enough memory and processing speed to make the process fast and efficient. The digital camera needs to have a high quality lens. We are not saying you need to get real technical but you do need to know whether you are getting upper echelon equipment because it is what makes all the difference. Find out what the backup plan is the booth malfunctions. What kind of packages do they offer? Understand what is included in each package. After you have recorded the vendor's answers, ask to see an actual booth they use at events. Evaluate it inside and out. What kind of condition is it in? Watch them operate it and then give it a try yourself. Take all of your information and head knowledge home and compare all of the vendors that you checked into. One of your candidates should emerge and when that happens, it will be time to rent this special entertainment option.

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