Ormond Beach Restaurant Guide

The burgers are the best and the variety is even better. You are not going to believe the lamb and the bison which are both unique and very tasty. But don't think that it stops there because you will also have choices like lasagna or lemon based chicken milinais. Everything is made from scratch and the customer service is so exeptional that you are not going to want to leave this special venue.


(386) 492-7925

175 S Nova Rd, Ormond Beach, FL 32174

One step inside and you are going to immediately know that this is a very different and unique establishment. The staff believe strongly that by paying attention to every little detail, patrons will have the best experience possible. The atmosphere is vibrant and comfortable and you will definitely feel an intimacy that is missing from most dining venues. Don't miss this special experience.

Bonefish Grill

(386) 615-7889

814 S Atlantic Ave, Ormond Beach, FL 32176

Take a long hard look at the menu they present you with at this venue. Talk about some of the most delicious fare, you are not going to believe the generous stack of golden pancakes they make with pumpkin pie filling. Other choices that will not disappoint include their BPL sandwich and the Coquina Chicken Club. Their slogan is "experience the freshness" and we can't disagree.

Peach Valley Cafe

(386) 615-0096

185 E Granada Blvd, Ormond Beach, FL 32176

The only problem with a five star rating when it comes to this establishment is that it has to stop at five. That is how phenomenal this place is. Your options are varied with everything from tuna to short tibs to fish available. But what makes anything you order outstanding is the perfection with which the cooking staff approaches each entree. You will leave with a huge smile.

Stonewood Grill & Tavern

(386) 671-1200

100 S Atlantic Ave, Ormond Beach, FL 32176

It is very hard to determine which is more spectacular at this location, the food, service or the views. Fantastic seafood and terrific barbecue are always on tap and cooked to order. The next time a family memnber or friend want to go out to eat, run to thie place. Besides the large selection of entrees, there are also some tastty side dishes and a very good selection of beers.

Crabby Chris Beachside BBQ

(386) 275-1620

1760 Ocean Shore Blvd, Ormond Beach, FL 32176

For a restaurant to be voted the best all around venue for 11 years straight, you have to know that has to be a great testimony to how awesome this place really is. And lets face it, you just can't beat the finest charbroiled steaks, fresh seafood, hot wings, baby back ribs and ice cold beer. The casual atmosphere is here anytime you need it and that should be sooner rather than later.

Charlie Horse Restaurant

(386) 672-4347

810 South Atlantic, Ormond Beach, FL 32176