Taft Restaurant Guide

If you are on the hunt for an excellent Mexican restaurant out here in the Taft, FL area, then you simply must pay a visit to Azteca d'Oro. Orlando Party Bus groups adore this place and so do all of us on the crew and in the office. The chicken carnitas are a top recommendation here and we're just in love with all of their enchiladas. If you've never had the pleasure of enjoying mango ceviche, you have got to try theirs. The sampler platters are awesome too, and the happy hour prices are a major perk too! All female mariachi bands play here, how cool!

Azteca d'Oro

(407) 826-9191

12403 S Orange Blossom Trl, Orlando, FL 32837

This is our top pick for anyone who's looking for a Cajun and Creole restaurant that's so ideally suited to Orlando Party Bus groups in the Taft area. The New Orleans fare that is served here will simply knock your socks off. Amazing flavor and incredible quality. The crawfish etouffee is our favorite item on the menu, and the seafood with garlic butter will have you swooning in your seat. The special includes king crab, shrimp, and corn, and it's just mind blowing. So worth sharing. Excellent steamed clams here too. Not a full bar, but beer and wine.

Little New Orleans Kitchen

(407) 438-6990

9741 S Orange Blossom Trl, Orlando, FL 32837

Tacos Express Florida is a fun one when you're after a fast and friendly Mexican dining experience. They have outstanding horchata here and a sauce bar that is a highlight in and of itself! Or shall we say a destination in and of itself! Everybody goes wild over it. Both the corn and flour tortillas are amazing here, so you can't make a wrong choice there. We suggest the steak or the chorizo for your taco filling. And don't forget to load them up with some tasty salsas from the toppings bar! The avocado and habanero ones are our faves!

Tacos Express Florida

(407) 601-1542

9785 C Orange Blossom Trl, Orlando, FL 32837

Tropical Restaurant is a Spanish and Latin American place where you can nosh on some of the tastiest ethnic foods around. They've got some roasted pork and plantains that will blow your mind here, and we're also apt to recommend the stew, which is so hearty and delish. Beautiful outdoor seating, but no alcohol, and no TV. You will want to note that the hours can be quite limited here, but they open early, so it makes up for it. They're open 6am-5pm Monday-Thursday, 6am-2am Friday, 7am-2am Saturday, and closed on Sundays.

Tropical Restaurant

(407) 854-7753

1875 Central Florida Pkwy, Orlando, FL 32837

Norman's is a pricey one but it is one of the very best! It's a tapas bar and small plates restaurant where you'll definitely get your fill of gourmet delicacies. Their bar is so intimate and cozy that you'll love spending some time there with that special someone, or just with good friends that you need to do some catching up with. The yellowtail snapper is a top recommendation and we adore their entire tasting menu. Yummy fried green tomatoes, delicious yucca-stuffed crispy shrimp, and so much more! Full bar and outdoor seating as well!


(407) 393-4333

4012 Central Florida Pkwy, Orlando, FL 32837

Our last great restaurant suggestion here is Junior Colombian burger, one of the most incredible places in town. Their burgers are so filling and impressive, with one of our favorites being the Colombian burger topped with lettuce, tomatoes, potato chips, cheese, pink sauce, pineapple sauce, and garlic sauce! Total tastebud bomb, just blowing your mind from bite one. The burgers are always perfectly cooked and never greasy or too thin. The buns are really delish here too. Very generous hours too!

Junior Colombian Burger

(407) 856-4747

10910 S Trail Cir, Orlando, FL 32837